33. High Pat the Horse
34. Separate Right Foot
35. High Pat the Horse, Right
36. Separate Left Foot
37. Turn body and Strike with Heel
38. Brush Knee Twist (Two Times),
39. Step Forward and Punch Down
40. Turn Body - Through Fist
41. High Pat the Horse
42. Separate Left Hand
43. The First Raised Foot
44. Step Back To Form The Seven Stars
45. Step Back and Beat the Tiger
46. The Second Raised Foot
47. Strike Ears with Fists
48. Open Body and Strike with Toe
49. Turn Body and Strike with Heel
50. High Pat the Horse
51. Step Forward, Parry and Punch
52. As if Closing a Door
53. Carry Tiger to Mountain
54. Cross Hands
55. Oblique Brush Knee Twist
56. Turn Body and Brush Knee Twist
57. Grasp the Bird's Tail
58. Single Whip


talking through parts people get confused on:

starting at single whip,
turn to LFT -- LFT hand is front, palm down, RT hand is by RT ear
turn LFT palm up.
PALM CHANGE: RT hand comes into LFT hand, RT wrist meeting at LFT fingertips.
hands fold in, ... (kick to RT)
RT hand is front, palm up.
PALM CHANGE:LFT hand comes to meet RT -- LFT wrist meeting RT fingertips.
fold in, ... (kick to LFT)

place LFT foot behind, turn LFT
kick to side flexed foot.
step, step, punch, pull up, turn to otherside

punch hand over hand, RT first.
PALM CHANGE: LFT hand goes forward, turn palm up.
RT hand wrist meets fingers of LFT hand.

fold in, ... (kick to RT).

RT leg behind, LFT arm up, push forward, at same time, foot goes from turned out to forward.
two steps backwards.
shift to LFT leg, hands follow

LFT hand up, RT down -- pull hands together, and bend on LFT knee
kick forward, pushing out arms.
step on foot. Bring arms up to box ears.

Twist, side kick to RT side, turn to RT 360 degrees.
Turn, face front angled kick to RT side

punch hand over hand, RT first.
punch through with LFT hand
hands cross back
push down
scoop to front
cross arms

a few details which make a big difference
animated sequence

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