Section II is almost the same as Section V. They both include Step Back & Repulse Monkey and Needle at the Bottom of the Sea. see The Form page, color coded

The second half of Section I repeats between the kicks and Part the Wildhorse's Mane in Section II, each ending in Single Whip to the corner. see The Form page, color coded

Single Whip will be facing the corner exactly twice:
1)followed by Fist Under Elbow, Step Back & Repulse Monkey
2)followed by Strum the Lute,Wild Horse Parts Mane


Cloud Arms goes from right to left, beginning and ending with a Single Whip. see The Form page, color coded

Single Whip facing front, then:
1)turn -- kicks sequence
2)snake creeps down -- golden rooster, repulse monkey
3)turn, press face w/ palm, crescent kick
4)snake creeps down -- ending


the form

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