The Crescent Kick Section

68. Press Face With Palm
69.Turn Around and Cross-Form Kick
70.Brush Knee and Punch at Underbelly
71.Grasp the Bird's Tail
72.Single Whip


(as in KICKS section) starting at single whip,turn to LFT
RT hand by shoulder, LFT extended palm down
turn LFT palm up.
RT wrist meets LFT finger tips
LFT hand goes over and beyond, to push face with LFT palm
turn to RT (east), with LFT hand still over head - ends up on RT side of head
facing (east), lift RT knee across, inside crescent kick with RT leg,
swing LFT hand over from RT to LFT to hit leg.
step forward, sweep with LFT arm, punch with RT
grasp bird's tail, single whip

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