11/24/94 Terry Chan (twcaps@dante.lbl.gov) emailed:

"there are so many books where these ... photos have been used over and over again by different people. For instance:

Wu Jianquan, Ma Yueliang, Chen Menyi, _Wu Shi Taijiquan_ by the founder of the Wu style. basic exercises and classics. Not available in english.

Wu Kongyi (eldest son) _Wu Shi Taijiquan_ complete explanation of the forms, postures, basic training exercises, push hands exercises, and some of the "classics". It has not been translated into english. I believe that it was published in 1949.

Wu Kongzhao (2nd son) _Wu Shi Taijiquan Lun_ commonly refered to as the "Gold Book" containing theory of Wu style Taijiquan boxing originally published in 1933, republished in 1981. a translation is forthcoming.

Wu Yinghua (eldest daughter) and Ma Yueliang (son-in-law) _Wu Style Taichichuan_ is in English and contains a revised list of the forms including an examination and correction of the names used in the above books based on her father's notes and writings.

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